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My cousin posted a cartoon with two frames. In the first a speaker asked, “Who is opposed to abortion?” and all the hands were raised. In the second frame, he asked, “Who is willing to adopt?” and no hands were raised.

This is an example of propaganda. Propaganda is an effort to broadcast or sow the seed of a particular opinion in order to sway the mind of the public to its side. The Nazis used it effectively in World War II. But many nations, including ours, have made equal use of it to help to make the other side look like villains and as villains, easier to hate. Cartoons can be loaded. My cousin’s cartoon was a quick, graphic, simple way to say, “You pro-life folks are just hypocrites who want to run the lives of other people.” These are tactics of war and not of dialog.

In Scripture, God is clearly portrayed as the living God who gives life. More than that, in the words of the wise woman of Tekoa, “He does not take away life; instead He devises ways so that a banished person may not remain estranged from Him,” (2 Samuel 14:14). She was pleading the case for the king’s own banished son. What she said about God was true; so true that God ‘banished’ His own Son in order to bring many sons and daughters to eternal life.

Adoption is life-affirming; so is defending the lives of unborn children. Propaganda to belittle those who disagree with you is not life-affirming. Propagating the gospel is.  Use your voice in the public square wisely.

Pastor Stan Scripps



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